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Gucci is an Italian luxury brand of fashion and leather goods. Gucci was founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Tuscany, in 1921. Gucci generated about €4.2 billion in revenue worldwide in 2008 according to BusinessWeek and climbed to 41st position in the magazine's annual 2009 "Top Global 100 Brands" chart created by Interbrand; it retained that rank in Interbrand's 2014 index. Gucci is also the highest-selling Italian brand.

Gucci operates about 278 directly operated stores worldwide as of September 2009, and it wholesales its products through franchisees and upscale department stores. In the year 2013, the brand was valued at US$12.1 billion, with sales of US$4.7 billion. In the Forbes World's Most Valuable Brands list, Gucci is ranked the 38th most valuable brand, with a brand value of $12.4 billion as of May 2015. As of January 2015, the creative director is Alessandro Michele.

Sergei O'Hernandez shares with The Lancer Ledger readers some of the reasons why Gucci is Overrated here:

The Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci was first founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Tuscany. With humble beginnings, the brand grew from a wee shop started by Guccio Gucci and his three sons in Florence to a multi-billion dollar national company. The company sells luxury leather goods like bags, shoes, and accessories. Gucci became an iconic fashion brand and a staple in the fashion community. Celebrities, mainly rappers, celebrate and promote fashion brands in almost every song. People see this and listen to this, and since a lot of people look up to these celebs they want to be just like them – repping Gucci. Although not all of Gucci is overrated, because some of their products are still original and fashion-forward, there are things that make this fashion brand look repetitive and overrated.

Gucci Belt The Gucci belt is probably one of the first things you buy the first time you go to Gucci. People pair it with almost every single outfit and think they are so fashionable, but it’s not. ‘No Tea No Shade’, but since everyone has it, it’s starting to get annoying to look at. It’s like no one has any variety. I’m not saying it’s terrible to wear, but usually, what I see when people own a Gucci belt is that they pair it with everything. It has lost its originality and specialness and seems to be worn just because of the brand name. All of this makes the Gucci belt lose it is overall worth and luxury.

Gucci Fakes Since Gucci is such a favorable brand among all ages, everyone wants to get their hands on something Gucci. So, smaller brands start making Gucci fakes and copying some of Gucci’s designs making fake jumpsuits, fake bandannas, and fake bags. Since you see a bunch of people wearing real Gucci and the fake Gucci, it’s all starting to look the same. Although that’s the point, this makes Gucci less of a luxury brand and less significant.

Gucci Overrated Yes, Gucci products are expensive, but when everyone has the same products, it takes away the “luxury” factor. It’s just expensive things that everyone has, so why waste money on it. The only person, or celebrity, that I know who wears DIFFERENT things from Gucci is Jeffree Star. People have been using the same Gucci belts, bags, and slides since the pre-fall season 2017. The look is getting tired and Gucci the brand is being overused, making it lose its significance. Honestly, go on ASOS and get a $20 belt to please, so there can be some diversity. I’m not the most fashionable person, but I know this ain’t it.


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Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"It was my first time working there for a year and I was treated with bad manners. Everyone was so rude even though I just wanted to help out since I had done my sales."

Training Manager (Former Employee) says

"forte cultura competitiva."

E-Commerce Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The was not an enjoyable company to work. Every at the company feels that that are entitled and in my opinion the company is racist and so that is why I LEFT"

Conseillère de vente (Former Employee) says

"Bonne Cons: pas assez d'évolution"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Gucci likes to have their employees work insane hours, not expect much salary or benefits in return AND when you leave the job after years steal from you by not paying for your left holiday days"

Inventory (Former Employee) says

"Your success only depends on what one low level manager thinks of you. The culture is changing and many leaders are good but they need to remove old guard. They have an inefficient old way of doing things and if you suggest anything that will improve their process depending on the manager it will be rejected based on their not understanding and wanting the status quo. However, there are some incredibly supportive and forward thinking managers as well. They just have work to do in improving the communication from the top down as well as communication between departments and position duties. The new CEO has had a positive impact over the past few years and I believe that they are trying to get rid of the old inefficient ways of doing things and change the culture to more forward thinking. I was shocked how old the systems and programs they had in place were and their processes were completely irrational but they had been done that way for the longest time and the management in place wouldn't change that as long as they were still there even if it wouldn't cost the company any money. As an employee you are overworked and underpaid and if you want to keep your position don't dare mention the idea of a pay raise or a change of position because you will be replaced. They also completely lie to you when they say there is opportunity for upward mobility. Cons: Unpaid Lunch, Weak Culture, Employee Treatment"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"High pressure for making sales without the needed support for accomplishing those goals. Unbalanced work life balance without opportunities for moving up within the company."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The Human Resources department protects management from any criticism, including but not limited to racism, favoritism, fraud, lying, stealing. You should not only never work there, but you should also never shop there. The brand is for label-loving mindless followers who think a brand makes them better than other people. Cons: Everything"

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balance"

Finance (Current Employee) says

"Long working hours for no reason; Cons: terrible work-life balance"

Brand Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"I believe the management team could use some prior experience in managing a team. Extremely outdated managing tact, poor skills set and mentoring. Consistently showed favoritism and did not show any care for confidentiality of team or guest. Cons: Company grew too fast for quality management team to be put in place."

Loss Prevention Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management don't trust them. They will lie straight to your face, won't back you up, and won't support you in anyway to help you do your job. They let their favorites get away with anything while reprimanding other people for the same infraction. Lots of favouritism and unless you become a favorite this is not a good environment to work in."

Operations Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Management and HR are very close so if you report something to HR they don't do anything about it. Management don't want people to be promoted........"

Loss Prevention Officer (Former Employee) says

"I've been an employee at Gucci for 5 years. I was dedicated to the job. I had alot of responsibilities. Being in the building for over 10 hours a day i was able to see the Good and the Bad .. The Good about the place is the amount of people that shops there daily, including celebrities. The Bad is that the employees fight over sales all the time.. what makes things worst is the management doesn't care about who's fighting, all they care about is sales. All of these things make the environment at Gucci a terrible place to work.. Cons: bad service"

Picker/Packer/scaner (Former Employee) says

"fue una bonita experiencia aprendi mucho... adquiri experiencia en varios ambitos . Cons: trabajo temporal"

Customer Service Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Typical days from my previous position started with long commute. Listening to voice messages from customers of complaints of how terrible they were treated with service from various stores throughout the states and how poorly manufacture product has fallen apart and how they need issue to be resolved. Dealing with immature staff members who gossip with immature manager. Checking emails from store management of issue. Ordering parts from Italy etc. Management was horrible, its was very personable. Certain staff members knew Management outside of work and gave favors. Managements verbally treated staff terribly. Difficult part of the job is not being trained fully to perform my job. Enjoyable part is when everyone is in goods moods to enjoy each other. Cons: Health care, horrible management"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The management is very bad, the work is never recognized, you are expected to do all kind of work non related to your position. The pressure is very high to achieve the numbers and to take as many client data as possible. You are reprimanded id you don't provide a certain number of client data. There are absolutely no career possibilities no one is promoted from the inside. They only hire external people for any position opening. So if you start in sales you will never get the opportunity to go higher. The bonus is limited and you will not even get it if you are temporarily assigned to work to another store."

Aftersales (Former Employee) says

"I had been working for Gucci timepieces & jewellery for many many years and in 2017 a new Manager Directer had come in and taken over. In this time he had made 2 redundancies and 3 dismissals."

Connection Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"You have to make sure you watch every step that you take and make sure to always look behind you. Be tactical and be wise in every decision you make walking into the job"

Store Service Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"The management system is very backwards & upside down. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing because the company is a global company with lots of employees & various locations. They do not value their employees, they place under experienced managers in their locations & each manager has their own "take" on how they will run the store. If one disagrees with management, we're instructed to call Human Resources. HR, I have found out, is on the side of the manager & the company, NOT the employee. HR reports back to your manager, your manager then calls you "out" on why you reached out to HR & goes into retaliation mode against the employee, with no help at all from HR or district managers or anyone higher up. Their all about the money & how much you are making money for their store without a care about what & how these managers are disrespecting their employees, no one cares. The hours are terrible as well, there is no life/work balance, for the managers take weekends & holidays off when they are needed the most & problems arise like they always do with customers having various issues & there's no one to turn to, call the mangers they do not answer nor text back, it's frustrating & impeded my job drastically. Then when the managers do return, it's the employee's fault for not doing this that, this is after the fact that the managers were not present nor did they respond when that employee reached out for guidance for resolution. Really terrible sadly to say, too many chiefs! Cons: disorganized management, required to work weekends & holidays, long hours, thankless, not paid enough, raises are an annual fifty cent joke, no employee recognition"

Current Employee - General Manager says

"I have been working at Gucci full-time Cons: -how i was treated here"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Gucci full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Horrible management Favoritism Unorganized Unsanitary washroom Only care about sales not employees well being"

Former Employee - Financial Analyst says

"I worked at Gucci full-time Cons: I resigned my job from Gucci because I got another better offer. I gave the department two week notices and I was told by HR that they wanted me to leave right way. HR told me that I will get paid for two weeks notice period required by the Law. But hey, guess what, I DID NOT GET PAID FOR A SINGLE DAY OF THE WAIVED NOTICE PERIOD."

Former Employee - Sales says

"I worked at Gucci full-time for less than a year Cons: management plays favourite, lack of training"

Current Employee - Team Manager says

"I have been working at Gucci full-time for less than a year Cons: Store environment, disorganised company and poor management"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Gucci full-time Cons: There were too many racial issues"

Former Employee - Assistant General Manager says

"I worked at Gucci full-time Cons: Compensation lower compared to other brands HR is not very helpful and hard to track down Upper management asks for a lot but is not involved in daily store operations so doesn't understand that certain things are hard to put into practice"

Former Employee - Store Director says

"I worked at Gucci full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Stress level from fear of their upper managements discriminateoy practices. Not treating employees equally nor fairly."


"I worked at Gucci Cons: Terribly unprofessional. They don't know what they are doing. The stores are so mismanaged. Management only is on the floor when there is a visit. The do a blind eye when there is an issue."

Former Employee - Sale Associate says

"I worked at Gucci full-time for less than a year Cons: A lot of Managers are simply horrible: uneducated individuals who run the store with complete disregard for the employees, no respect for a balance between work and private life. A lot of non-sense in management and favoritism. Forget to find support from HR, they will talk nicely to you but do nothing at all. If you are lucky to have one of the few great Manager you will be in heaven otherwise it will be pure hell which do not worth the money."

Hayley says

"Very bad experience!!! Only give 1 star to let me write a review otherwise would have been zero!!! I ordered a men’s belt for my husband at the end of November ‘20 for Xmas, it arrived in good time but when my husband opened it on Xmas day I had ordered the wrong colour buckle, he did not unravel it and did not even try in on he just put it straight back in the bag, a few days after Xmas I spoke on the telephone to the number provided and asked for a exchange for the correct item, I was told this would not be a problem and to return as per instructions, arranged for DHL to pick up and was told not to seal the box so they could see inside and would seal it when inspected, this was then picked up and returned on to Gucci on 04/01/21, on the 07/01/21 I received an email saying that we will not be able to proceed with your request for a refund because it was not returned to us in original condition, the belt was hardly out of the protection bag for 5 seconds so I cannot see how this belt was damaged so quick, on 07/01/21 spoke to Anna a client adviser over the phone and she said she would look into this, on the 11/01/21 I received the original belt that I had ordered by mistake again, I phone said customer service number immediately and spoke to a very unhelpful customer service agent who said that the belt was not in original condition when returned and would not be exchanged, after much back and forward a little heated the said agent decided to hang up ( nice customer service Gucci?) phoned up straight away and spoke to another agent who kept on saying while he understood he would not be exchanging the belt, asked to speak with manager and was informed they have no manager on site, I am now left with a £330 belt that I have no use for and an unhappy husband as this was expensive as his only Xmas present. Please do not order online from Gucci, you would have thought being a high end company that they would give high end customer service and the truth is the customer service is awful."


"My daughter ordered a belt in early December, the buying guide had the wrong sizing on it, she managed to return the order before it arrived with her. Gucci received this back 18/12/2020, she has called numerous times asking about a refund, she still hasn’t received this as of today! I am bitterly disappointed of the way Gucci have treated a 16 year old, they still won’t confirm when the refund will be processed."

Shabir Ahmed says

"I had bought a digital watch with the rubber strap, this tore within a year and I had purchase, thinking maybe it is my fault, so purchased another for £115, now too extra care and within another year it has tore again, now the strap has gone upto £160 - The watch originally cost £850 this is clearly a product design defect as I bought after i saw on my friends wrist, guess what he has the same issue. I have tried their head office and someone keeps on passing me to one to another. This has been the far worst sales for me..Not happy at all with a watch without a strap.."

Mr. KITCHEN says

"TERRIBLE SERVICE Ordered my daughters Christmas presents at the end of November and they have still not arrived. No customer service available. Disgraceful behaviour. Will never order from them again. So unnecessary. I appreciate we are in a pandemic but their lack of contact is unfair"

Tayla Valentino says

"we were waiting in line for about an hour finally got to the start then the worker let in her friend first who was not waiting at all. disgusting"

Alka Walia says

"Worst ever! Placed an order got delivered somewhere and I’m back and forth with dhl and Gucci. Manager refusing to come on the phone. Never order from them, they are thieves after reading the previous reviews. Telling me to raise a claim with dhl and dhl telling me to go back to Gucci. I’m over £800 down. Worst experience ever DO NOT ORDER from them"

Marcella Diaz says

"Worst experience I ever had with a so called "top" brand. we purchased a belt but it was the wrong size. We returned it without ever wearing it - it took well over a month before they denied the return stating it was damaged and worn - returning it in a plastic bag as if it came from Walmart! Spent several hours over several calls only to be told the belt was worn which I know for a fact it was not, unless they sent me a worn belt. Terrible customer service - do not buy gifts at Gucci!! Buyer Beware,"

Very unhappy customer says

"I purchased a pair of shoes for my husband for Christmas on November 24th it’s now December 14th and still no order I’ve contacted them 3 times just to get the runaround saying that they are waiting on FedEx to respond and that they will call me back and of course No call yet for this to be such a quote on quote High end Luxury name and company it’s pure garbage this was my first purchase and I can assure you it will definitely be my last"

Jenny Huynh says

" i place an order thru on nov13 and the package was delivered on nov17 , it was a pair of shoes ( Leather Rython) the plain one, i am a simple person I don’t like anything on my shoes so i order the plain one, instead of getting a plain one they send me the one with the mouth design, when I received the package and open it, i was shocking because it wasn’t the one i want, so i wrap it up and run to fedex send it back the same day nov17, and then i went on live chat and talk to one of the Gucci advisor about my situation and she then she open a claim for me, so there i tracked my fedex that they received the package on nov20 , so i wait, wait and wait, no one email me back or call me, its been a long time , so i go ahead go on live chat again and ask one of there advisor if she can help me with my return status, and she get back to me said my return was not meet the return policy was the shoes was been worn and used,and they have been send it back to me , but okay that’s fine but where is the shoes? okay that was double shock okay i never had a chance to wear it, i send it back in the same day, yes i did take it out and tried on my feet but that was it! Gucci return service is -0 star okay? Today is dec14 its been almost a month if u guy said send it back the shoes but where is it? Gucci is a blook sucker they took your money and send u wrong item and tell u to stuck with it ! Like wth Gucci?? -0 star for them STAY AWAY FROM THEM , spend your money where else"

Naadirah says

"If i could give them zero stars i would. My first ever luxury purchase and i think i will avoid purchasing from them ever again. I ordered a marmont belt and received this with a huge scratch running through the whole belt. I called and emailed them straight away. They asked for pictures which i sent. They then went on to say i needed to send pictures of the full belt showing the buckle and tag etc. Which i sent over. They then agreed for me to send this back, but stated that i would only recieve a refund if the belt passes quality check. Where were these damn quality checks before i recieved the item. This is the worst customer service i have ever recieved. Made me feel like a liar for even suggesting they sent a faulty item. I think ill stick to my high street stores that return no questions asked. Not to mention providing you with some incentive so you would want to shop again."

ethan parry says

"I’m hugely disappointed with Gucci. As a top fashion house you would’ve never have thought they’d be this poor... I ordered from Gucci over other companies like flannels, goldsmiths because of the delivery date THEY PROMISED me. On the day I was meant to receive my parcel, it was still in Italy. They had printed the delivery info for 3days and had still not sent it to DHL. It’s now in customs in the UK and DHL are messing about. It’s apparently still being delivered today (it’s 5pm) and it’s been in the clearance event since 4am. 13hrs and no change 🙄"

Tonia Russ says

"Price was a lo but he product wans ha good"

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